What are your users searching for?

Find out which popular queries on your site are underperforming.

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Anthony Ettinger
Sr. UI Engineer
"The team at SeaUrchin has provided an amazingly simple and intuitive way for us to gain insight into how our users are using search forms within our site."

Hassle-free Tracking

Manual logging sucks. Measure search by revenue or engagement goals in 5 minutes. No custom events or annotations required.

Rock-solid Infrastructure

We've tracked 1 billion+ search events with zero downtime. Advanced stream-based processing delivers real-time updates without the wait.

Bring Your Own Stack

Solr, Elasticsearch, traditional form submits, autocompletes, AJAX page loads, even JSONP API calls. We handle it all without breaking a sweat.

Your Site Search
  • Track searches as they happen.
  • Monitor search performance.
  • See result ordering as seen by your users.
  • Follow clicks and custom conversion goals.
  • Optimize results to increase user engagement and site revenue.

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