1 search flow
10,000 searches / month
1 year data retention

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Features Include
  • Daily top queries list
  • Real-time search-specific metrics including zero-hits rate, MRR and CTR
  • Click position breakdown over time
  • Real-time operational metrics including traffic and client-side latency
  • Codeless integration
  • Google auth
  • Email helpdesk support


$199per month
5 search flows
1 million searches / month
1 year data retention

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All Basic Features Plus
  • Tie individual queries to revenue
  • Track revenue per search
  • Weekly email reports
  • A/B test segmentation for visualizing search backend changes


Customcontact us for pricing
100 search flows
Up to 1 billion searches / month
Custom data retention options

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All Pro Features Plus
  • SSO/SAML auth
  • Data export
  • Metric anomaly alerting
  • Dedicated phone support
  • 99.99% SLA