Getting Started

Create an app

An app on SeaUrchin.IO is designed to encompass all search flows within a single application (website, mobile app, etc). Each user can belong to multiple apps.

To create an app, go to the Dashboard and click "Create a new app" or go directly to the app creation page here.

Install tracking code


Each app has its own custom tracking code. You need to include the tracking code on your site before SeaUrchin.IO can start capturing search data. Once the code is in place, all other configurations can be done from within the dashboard. The script is ~7KB gzipped, served from a CDN, and will only be downloaded after your page has loaded for minimal impact.

Install using Google Tag Manager

Publish your changes once you've created the tag.

Server-side / Native app

No installation required.

Define a search flow

Use the dashboard to create one or more search flows for your site. A search flow can be any search experience you are interested in tracking. Examples include autocomplete, product search, site search, and knowledgebase lookup.

To define a search flow, go the Dashboard and select the app you want. Once you're there, click on "Search Flows" in the navigation.

Once you've defined a search flow, choose a method below to collect the data:


Auto capture is the recommended way to configure and track search performance.

Auto Capture guide

In rare cases, use the JavaScript API to handle advanced scenarios that fall outside of the auto capture capabilities.

JavaScript API documentation

Server-side / Native app

Tracking outside of the browser (i.e. server-side or within native apps) is supported via the REST API.

REST API documentation

Install complete

You're done! Real-time search data should be flowing into your Dashboard within minutes.

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