Frequently Asked Questions

What makes SeaUrchin.IO different from other analytics products?

SeaUrchin.IO is built for your site's search experiences.

While other tools rely on custom logging to capture generic user events, SeaUrchin.IO opts for an auto-capture approach that focuses on search -- from user query to result display and click-through. This focus lets SeaUrchin.IO generate search-specific metrics and visualizations beyond the scope of traditional analytics products, creating a search dashboard that provides instant feedback without any of the painful instrumentation.

How does SeaUrchin.IO capture search events without custom logging?

SeaUrchin.IO's dashboard lets you identify key components of your existing search implementation. For example -- the URL your site calls to get search results, or the CSS selector for each search result. Using the data provided, SeaUrchin.IO's tracking code dynamically captures these events client-side and sends them through a processing pipeline, where the events are analyzed and aggregated for visualization.

Will SeaUrchin.IO work alongside __________?

SeaUrchin.IO's tracking code has no external dependencies, and should work with all existing libraries on your site.

How long does it take for my changes to take effect?

Once the tracking code is installed on your site, you can add and edit search flows from the dashboard without touching your site's code.

Changes you make to the dashboard will reach your users within 5 minutes.

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